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We are Double Eagle Property Solutions

Together, we are Double Eagle Property Solutions, LLC and we’ve been buying and rehabbing houses in the Columbus, Ohio area for over 10 years. Between our experience and our knowledge of the local market, we think you’ll find selling your home to us for cash a breeze.


  • We buy houses in all conditions and situations.
  • We pay cash so we can close quickly, on average we reach Closing Day in 17 days.
  • We will take the house in as-is condition so you don’t have to do any repairs. Even if you have tenants in the house, we can make it happen.
  • We will handle the closing and all of the necessary paperwork required. We work with a qualified and licensed title company so you can be sure that the transaction will be handled in a professional manner.
  • We do all of the work and take care of all of the details. 
  • Plus, we pay all closing costs saving you thousands.

Darren Dicke

Darren Dicke was born and raised in Columbus, OH. Naturally, he’s a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan.  Back in 2003, Darren started buying and fixing and renting and selling houses in and around Columbus and hasn’t stopped since!

In that time, Darren built numerous real estate-related businesses and has kept everything in his own backyard and hometown of Columbus.  Darren loves this city and thinks it is one of the best cities, not just in the state of Ohio and not just in the United States of America, but he thinks Columbus is one of the best cities on this great planet of ours and is proud to be a Buckeye.   

Darren loves buying houses all over the city and especially enjoys taking a property that is beaten up and ugly, and turning it into something beautiful that everyone in the neighborhood can be proud of. 

Alan McComas

Alan came to Columbus from Ironton, Ohio in 1972.  With a degree in Architecture, Alan is the Vice President of SEI Engineers.  In addition, to working in the architectural engineering business for the last 40+ years, he’s been a real estate investor, buying and rehabbing houses since the mid-1980s.

In 2009, he teamed up with Darren to create Double Eagle Property Solutions, LLC. Double Eagle has bought and sold over a hundred houses since then.

Alan and his wife, Janie, live in Powell, OH and have 4 grown children together. (Luke, Ashley, Shawn, and Sara) and one granddaughter, Hattie, who is the love of their lives.  Alan and Janie enjoy golfing, traveling, and spending as much time as possible with their granddaughter.

Alan also authored the best-selling book, “The Laidback Lifestyle.” If you’re interested in personal development books with a little humor mixed in, it’s an easy read!

Why Us ?

10 Reasons to Choose Double Eagle Property Solutions

  • More Than 10 Years Experience in the Real Estate Industry

    DEPS is not new to this industry, We belong to Columbus and know how this market operates and how to negotiate the best terms with the lenders as well as attorneys.

  • Offer in Cash

    Our fair all-cash offers are just that, always in cash. It comes quickly, usually within 7 days of close to free you of whatever burden your house has put on you.

  • Convenient and Quick Solutions

    Double Eagle Property Solutions offers a very fast and effective solution to house sellers who want to sell their house in Columbus or near the region no matter how what condition or situation the property is in.

  • Simple Terms

    We do not complicate things. We keep the terms of the transaction simple and clear while providing a win-win solution that will benefit all parties.

  • No Closing Fees or Paperwork

    Double Eagle Property Solutions will take care of all closing paperwork with no extra fee. You just have to show up to the closing table to sign on the dotted line after accepting our offer. We’ll even send a notary to you if you prefer not to or unable to travel.

  • No Hidden Fee, No Commissions

    You don’t have to pay any extra fee while selling your house to us. And there will be no hidden fee, no commission. We cover all closing costs.

  • We Can Rescue You from “No Equity” Situations

    DEPS may be able to buy your house regardless of whether there is equity in your house or not.

  • No Complicated Terms

    We keep everything transparent and the transaction as simple and clear as possible, to benefit everyone.

  • We Buy in As-Is Condition

    Double Eagle Property Solutions commits to buying your house in any condition and sticks to that commitment. Whether it is in need of major repairs, or even if there are tenants in the property, we will still make you an all-cash offer.

  • Treat Every Seller with Dignity

    Seller’s satisfaction is always been the first priority of Double Eagle Property Solutions. And how difficult a situation you are in but DEPS always treats every seller with Dignity from Start to End.

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“Closing deal in less than 30 days and pay you in cash!”


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