There are any number of reasons behind wanting to sell your home or property. If you need to do so quickly, and want to avoid the typical hassles involved in the process, then Double Eagle Property Solution is the buyer for you.


First Things First

We really want to understand your situation and solve your problem to the best of our abilities. While we’d be happy to provide an offer electronically through the form below, we’d be more than happy to meet in person as well.
In doing so, we can get a deeper understanding of your situation, as there may be other options that you didn’t even think about. We will also discuss the value of your property and factors that are affecting it. This will also give us the opportunity to answer any and all questions. We do not charge for meetings and there will be no obligation whatsoever to sell to us as a result of making one.


Home Value & Cash Offer

 In order to understand the value of your property or how much we can pay you, we will look for the encumbrances and liens, check the condition of your property and also the similar homes in your to understand the market price of your property, and also the equity that you already have.

After going through a professional home assessment process, we will move forward with our best offer. We will make you an offer no matter the condition or situation of the property. If it’s in need of repairs or even if there are tenants in the property, we will still make you an offer and can make closing happen quickly and easily for you!


Finalize Offer & Acceptance

Once we have all the information after assessing your house, we can calculate the purchasing amount best suited for both parties and give you a written offer. Once you’ve accepted it, we can move forward and close the deal, while handling all the paperwork. Your signature is the only thing you’ll need on closing day!


Closing on the Offer

Once you accept our offer, we will handle all of the paperwork and a certified licensed title company will close the deal. We have no hidden fees, no commissions, or any other charges for Paperwork, etc. We pay cash so there is no delay in waiting for financing.

During the closing, we will pay you the cash value which both the party have agreed upon and take over ownership of the home.