Selling a home quickly in Ohio doesn’t have to be stressful, thanks to Double Eagle Property Solutions. Specializing in fast, efficient home sales, Double Eagle offers a streamlined process that prioritizes convenience and speed for homeowners.

The Double Eagle Advantage

  1. Instant Cash Offers: Double Eagle provides fair, all-cash offers for homes in any condition. This immediate valuation removes the uncertainty and delays often associated with traditional sales.
  2. No Extra Costs: Homeowners enjoy the benefit of no fees, commissions, or hidden charges. The cash offer received is the net amount, ensuring clarity and maximum returns.
  3. Rapid Closings: One of the hallmarks of Double Eagle’s service is their ability to close deals within 30 days. This quick turnaround is ideal for those needing immediate cash or facing time-sensitive situations like foreclosure or relocation.
  4. Straightforward Process: The selling process with Double Eagle is simplified into three steps:
    • Initial Contact: Homeowners fill out a brief form on the Double Eagle website.
    • Property Evaluation: Double Eagle conducts a quick evaluation and makes a fair cash offer.
    • Closing: If the offer is accepted, a licensed title company handles the closing, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Local Expertise

Double Eagle Property Solutions brings extensive local market knowledge to each transaction, understanding the unique aspects of Ohio’s real estate market. Their expertise allows for accurate property evaluations and tailored offers that reflect true market value.

Client Success Stories

Double Eagle’s reputation is built on satisfied clients who praise the company’s efficiency and customer-centric approach. Testimonials highlight the ease of the process and the professionalism of the Double Eagle team.

  • Satisfied Client: “Double Eagle made selling my home fast and stress-free. They handled everything and got me cash quickly without any hidden fees.”


Double Eagle Property Solutions stands out as Ohio’s quick sale experts, offering a hassle-free way for homeowners to sell their properties swiftly and at a fair price. With no fees, rapid closings, and a straightforward process, Double Eagle ensures a positive selling experience.

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