Selling a House with Termite Damage

Did you know termites are the reason for approximately 600,000 residential property damage cases in the United States every year? Termites are a significant concern for homeowners all across the country because of the serious health concerns and other problems associated with a termite infestation.

Termites are a massive problem in 49 out of 50 states of the US. Residents spend billions of dollars every year to get rid of termites. It is already unsafe to live in a house with a termite infestation, let alone the thought of selling it.

Selling a House with Termite History

Many homeowners planning to sell a house can easily relate to the challenges of the entire process. The news of termite damage on the property adds to the existing difficulties and drives away potential buyers. Along with causing structural damage, termites also eat up the property’s full market value and reduce its selling prospects.

However, damages caused by termite activity are not a complete deal breaker. There are still a few alternatives that can help you find interested buyers, even with the extensive termite damage. The key is to know the right steps and procedures to deal with such a situation.

How to Deal with Termites

The U.S. is one of the most common places to experience termite infestation. All states (excluding Alaska) offer appropriate living conditions and food sources to these little buggers, leading to a high percentage of termite issues in residential and commercial properties.

Termites affect home to a greater extent than one can anticipate. They seep into wooden furniture, walls, and ceilings and compromise the structural integrity of your property. Such homes become difficult to sell even with the best location or features.

Sadly, early detection of termite infestations is impractical for homeowners. The untrained eye cannot locate the invisible signs of the termite situation in the house. Thus, it requires specialized pest inspection to treat termites permanently.

A pest professional is well aware of all the potential signs of termite infestations and can help in comprehensive termite treatment.

Warning Signs of A Termite Infestation

A professional pest control company can easily detect warning signs of significant termite damage on the property. Even though detecting termite infestations with the naked eye is challenging, you can still check for some evident hints in your home. Here are a few signs that reveal termite infestations:

Evidence of Their Bodies

The early detection sign of termite infestation is their bodies lying around the house. The termite swarm has wings that they shed during the spring. These wings are easily visible on the windowsills or the home’s foundation.

However, killing these home flying termite swarms is not enough. They are responsible for starting new colonies and appear only after a few years of the complete establishment of a colony. Thus, if you see signs of a termite swarm, immediately consult a pest inspector to eliminate the entire colonies and get the required repairs done.

Mud Tubes

Also known as termite tunnels, these are small tube-like structures made of mud. Termites travel through these mud tubes that can be easily seen on floor tiles, walls, or in ceilings. These can sometimes be found in a maze like patterns also.

Shelter tubes are a prominent sign of termite infestation. Keep an eye on any termite activity in these tubes. Call an exterminator for treating termites immediately.

Damaged Property

One of the significant signs of termites is structural damage to the property. Subterranean termites chew the walls and ceilings from within, creating sunken areas. This indicates the existence of termite tunnels beneath the surface.

A house with termite damage can be easily highlighted through destroyed home components. Sagging walls and ceilings show structural damage that can eventually reduce the home value. The foam insulation damaged by swarm castles and shelter tubes also indicates the presence of termites.

Hollow Sound of Damaged Wood

Termites eat your house furniture and wood from the inside, making it hollow. It is difficult to see the signs by looking at the woods, but you can check the presence of termites by tapping on them. The wood will make a hollow sound, indicating the infestation of your house with termites.

How Termite Damage Affects Property Value

Termites can wreak havoc in just a few short weeks of infestation. Subterranean termites can cause significant damage by gradually eating up your home components and destroying their integrity. Untreated termite problems can lead to severe safety and health issues.

Apart from these, termite damage can also reduce the worth and demand of your property. Past termite activity affects the home value and repulses prospective buyers. Even though there is no exact figure of how much the value deteriorates, it entirely depends on the condition of the termite damage.

A thorough home inspection can disclose termites dwelling on your property. If the colonies are new, you can easily get rid of them with the help of professionals. However, extensive termite damage would require robust measures such as bait stations to prevent future termite infestations.

Termites and other pests are a big turn away for many buyers. Even for home sellers, finding potential home buyers becomes an uphill battle.

Options for Selling a House with Termite History

For those stuck in a similar situation, here are some options for selling a house with termite damage. Just remember, there is no specific method to oust termites. The success of any decision relies on your specific condition and the extent of termite damage.

Fix the Damage

The first option is to repair the house with termites. For this, you must hire a team of professionals to conduct a proper termite inspection and termite treatments with necessary repairs to restore the house’s glory.

Though termite treatments can cost thousands of dollars, it is still worth those expensive repairs. Once you get rid of the termite problem, you’ll notice the hike in demand for your property. Most buyers will also try to negotiate the asking price, but you can show them the termite warranty to assure them that there will be no future infestations.

List the Home As-Is

Another option is to sell the house as is on the open market. The real estate market will list your home with termite damage as long as you openly provide all details. Be upfront about the termite damage on the property and mention it on the disclosure form as mandated by law. This will save you from any law proceedings by future homeowners.

However, it should not be surprising if you’re unable to sell your house fast. It is challenging to win a buyer’s trust with significant termite damage on the property. Even then, you can find many buyers who don’t find termite damage a serious issue. But be ready to deal with tough negotiations involved in those transactions.

Sell to A Cash Buyer

For those willing to lower the price a bit, selling the house with termite damage to cash buyers or realtors is a viable option. Many house flippers or real estate investors look for low-price places as they eventually renovate and re-sell them. So, it is a good deal for both parties.

In such a transaction, you don’t have to do any repairs or renovations from your end. Cash buyers are interested in such properties and usually jump up at the sight of a discounted price. So, you can sell your house quickly without any hassles. However, don’t forget to be upfront about the actual condition and termite damage or infestation on the property.

One Way or Another, Say Goodbye to Termites

Selling a house with termite issues is usually tricky. It may involve costly repairs and termite treatments before getting listed for sale. This can be stressful and harmful at the same time to live in a termite-infested house.

If you have been waiting a long time to sell your property but are suffering problems because of termite damage, look no further. Home buyers like Double Eagle Property Solutions can get your hands off such damaged houses. We buy all places regardless of situation, condition, or location.

DEPS has been in the market for over a decade and offers 100% cash offers for your property. We understand your troubles and assure you of thorough assistance. We do a proper inspection before providing a genuine price. Moreover, our team ensures all closing deals and formalities are handled from our end to seal the deal within 30 days. So, if you have a property infested with termites, reach out to our team for a meticulous home buying and selling service.

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